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Shark populations worldwide are in deep trouble. Up to 70 million sharks are being slaughtered annually. Sharks play such a critical role in maintaining the delicate balance of the fragile marine ecosystems, but as other fish stocks decline worldwide, sharks are being targeted.

Most are caught by longline vessels that trail up to 140km lines with over 2500 hooks attached. The demand for sharks parts, in particular their fins, the most expensive fish product in the world, is increasing to satisfy the palette of the elite in a broth called shark fin soup that can fetch up to $100 a bowl. How their fins are obtained is one of the most cruel, barbaric and wasteful practices, compared to the illegal ivory trade in Africa, whereby sharks are finned alive and then thrown overboard, to die a slow and cruel death.

A most powerful documentation of the plight of sharks is the award winning film below called Sharks in Deep Trouble. To make this film Lesley Rochat went out on a limb, single-handedly, to investigate both legal shark longlining and illegal shark finning off the coast of South Africa. Armed with her camera and the passion to make a difference, she boarded a shark longline vessel and captured disturbing, high quality footage of mass shark slaughter. Sharks in Deep Trouble is indicative of the global plight of sharks and the reason why we need your help to save our sharks.  General inertia of governments worldwide in taking responsibility for their natural resources is driving many fish species, including many shark species to extinction.

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