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Lesley Rochat will be leading the 2017 Expedition with Amos Nachoum. To find out more, contact Lesley via the enquiry form.


The most exhilarating dive experience imaginable!


The Sardine Run is referred to as the Greatest Shoal and Show on Earth, rivalling the wildebeest migration. It is the greatest gathering of ocean predators known. It occurs during May to late July each year along the South African coast when a current of cold water heads north from the Agulhas Bank up to Mozambique, and still further east into the Indian Ocean, bringing with it the sardines. Shoals of sardines can be up to 15 kilometres long, three kilometres wide and 40 metres deep.
Over 20 000 common dolphins and over 2000 bottlenose dolphins participate in the Sardine Run. They use their sonar to herd the sardines into tight balls, trapping them at the surface of the water. After herding the fish into a ball the dolphins swim at a phenomenal speed, rushing through the fish while snatching up a mouthful. At the  surface gannets plummet from heights of 30 metres, entering the water at a speed of 24 metres per second in order to dive down and catch sardines. Many other predators such as seals, other sea birds, numerous game fish and whales take advantage of this annual phenomena.
Read Lesley Rochat’s popular blog post which was published in a number of magazines, including USA Shark Diver Magazine, for a first hand account of what to expect:

2017 Dates

Dates: 5 July to 15 July *
Location: South Africa, Wild Coast

 * There is an option to book Africa Predator Expedition after the Sardine Run Expedition.