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2018 course open for applicants!

Moving from Awareness into Action!

Making a difference in a hands-on African conservation experience, while exploring & learning about South Africa’s cultures & wildlife, predators & prey, both land & sea.

Like all Lesley’s other courses, this is much more than an internship course, this is an African Adventure of a lifetime! In a hands-on approach students will immerse themselves in a jammed-packed itinerary, which combines the exploration of Southern Africa’s wildlife, both land and sea, predators and prey while they make a meaningful contribution toward the conservation of wildlife in South Africa, and to the welfare of underprivileged children.



Over a 3-4 week period interns will be involved in field excursions, supporting lectures and in becoming a valuable assistant to the non-profit organisation, AfriOceans Conservation Alliance, helping it to achieve its conservation goals, which are directly linked to the course theme. Interns will assist the organisation in one or more of its projects such as its proactive CLEAN RIVERS, CLEAN SEAS activities, its environmental education projects, the AfriOceans Warriors Outreach Programme and its SWIM LIKE A SHARK community youth project, and/or also assist in its award winning awareness campaigns such as SHARK WARRIOR, RETHINK THE SHARK or WANTED! Dead or Alive?

The course will provide insight into the conservation biology of Southern African marine and terrestrial plants and animals, predators and prey. It will also include wildlife photography and creative writing/environmental journalism, tools used by the organisation for its compelling awareness campaigning. Throughout the learning process students will get lost in the beauty of the indigenous fauna and flora both above and below the ocean’s surface, and come face to face with the predators and prey of Southern Africa such as the majestic African lion, the mighty White Shark and the playful Cape Fur Seal.

With the knowledge gained and the skills developed, students will assist AfriOceans in its goal of MOVING FROM AWARENESS INTO ACTION and help them to be THE VOICE FOR THOSE CANNOT SPEAK.


Course director, Lesley Rochat, aka the Shark Warrior, is a locally born, globally respected, award-winning conservationist, photographer and filmmaker. See her websites for more: Her personal website. Her photography website.


AfriOceans is one of the longest standing marine and shark conservation-focused non-profit organisation in South Africa, founded by Lesley Rochat. Not only will students have the opportunity to work the AfriOceans unique projects, but they will have daily one-on-one tuition from this leading conservationist.


It’s perfect for students, whether gap year, current or graduated, who have a love of, and care for Nature, the Oceans, an interest in environmental education and awareness, and/or those interested in biology, environmental science or conservation and developing a career in these field. It is also a great introduction into wildlife and adventure photography and creative writing skills, tools that will give students an edge in their careers into the future (no experience in photography or equipment is needed, equipment on hire.)


To ensure students receive quality tuition, that this internship remains a cut above the rest, and that completed assignments are of a high standard, Lesley takes only 6 students per course. By application only.

Lesley will take one volunteer per course, reserved for past students only. By application only.

(Also see Wildlife Conservation Photojournalism course in Dec-Jan 2018)


2016: 4 June to 30 June 2016 – Completed

2018: 5 May to 30 May 2018 – OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS, see below


2017 – $3500 USA

2018 – TBA


False Bay, Cape Town, South Africa will be your home for the duration of the course.


  • Tuition and stay
  • Full board, dorm sharing, breathtaking sea views
  • Working on AfriOceans education and awareness projects

Field work covers:

  • Culture and community field work
  • Outreach projects
  • Environmental cleanup activities
  • Kirstenbosch Gardens
  • White shark cage diving
  • SANCCOB & African penguin
  • Kelp forest/gully shark snorkelling safari
  • Cape fur seal snorkelling
  • Whale watching (seasonal)
  • BIG 5 African Wildlife safari
  • Lions Head hike
  • Stand up paddling or Sea Kayaking

Note: should weather or other unforeseen reasons prevent us from doing a particular listed excursion, another will replace this.

Optional extra weekend activities:

  • Ziplinning, rock climbing, tandem paragliding, abseiling & other adventure sports


  • PART 1: Introduction to AfriOceans and project/projects interns will assist, plus conservation biology of Southern Africa, & fundamentals of wildlife and adventure photography, environmental journalism plus field trips
  • PART 2: AfriOceans outreach project work, terrestrial plants and animals, predators and prey, theory plus field trips & photography and writing continued
  • PART 3: AfriOceans environmental cleanups, marine plants and animals, predators and prey, theory plus field trips & completion of assignments

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