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I have always loved the ocean so I started diving as soon as I reached the age requirement. My first shark encounter was at the age of 12 and since then I have had a growing love and fascination for sharks. Instead of shopping malls or movie theaters, hours of my weekends are spent preparing, diving and reviewing footage of my favourite creatures. The KZN Sharks Board is an ongoing shark culling operation that perpetuates fear and profits from the destruction of the seas.

Before we create laws protecting sharks we have to remove the fear surrounding them. In the hope to help people overcome this fear I bought my first underwater camera to record my interactions with them. Often people have to see to believe. Sharks play a critical role in protecting the ocean’s delicate equilibrium as apex predators. There are between 300 – 500 Great Whites left in South African waters, of which approximately 30 are killed by the KZN shark nets each year. Shark fining has become a global issue where 100 million sharks are killed each year just for their fins. It is estimated that my generation will witness the extinction of sharks. I am currently spreading my message through social media, by talking to high school students throughout Cape Town and via film.

What we are doing to the oceans is unjust and the moment we decide to tolerate this system, we establish the greatest threat to our society. Backing down in the face of injustice. I will continue to fight in the hope to show you that the people in power are destroying our last wild things. And I hope that this might inspire you to fight for our natural world and rebel against the laws in place to to destroy it. The people in power will not be here to face the consequences of their decisions. We as the next generation will. Therefore as a Shark Warrior Ambassador I will expose the injustices and enlighten an unaware public to save the animals I love most.

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