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Underwater & Eco Model, Actress, CreARTress & Vegan Lifestyle Educator

AngelikA Fürstler is well known for her breath-taking and inspiring underwater photos and productions. The underwater & eco lifestyle model is an experienced and advanced open water diver and a passionate free diver with a static apnea breath hold record of 4minutes21seconds. She’s done worldwide underwater productions (Mexico, Philippines, Malaysia, France, Seychelles, etc.)  for Photo / Film & Television and has experience in pool/sea/ocean/lake and river environments. She loves adventures and free-dived with whale sharks, reef sharks, turtles and manta rays.

Through her projects (short films, photography) and collaborations the eco-underwater model consciously chooses to work with eco friendly businesses, institutes, conscious entrepreneurs and filmmakers (transformational entertainment) and puts her focus on raising awareness about the power of water itself and the need to respect, protect and sustain our planet paradise, its water&wildlife. Thriving on a 100% plant-based nutrition she truly believes in a lifestyle that respects every being on Earth! Live and let live!

AngelikA Fürstler always has been interested in actively creating POSITIVE CHANGE. At 17 she started a recycling project and in 2008 she founded a humanitarian project in Cuba. This is also why she became an ambassador for Shark Warrior.

Hard to believe that AngelikA actually was scared of swimming in water all her life until the day where she decided to face her fears and jump right into a free dive with whale sharks. It was this first self produced underwater photo shoot that made her realize that her biggest fear was her biggest passion.