Support Ocean & Shark Conservation

Western Australian Premier, Colin Barnett, aptly known as Cullin Barnett, attended a mining conference held in Cape Town, South Africa on the 5th Feb 2014 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. A group of us Shark Warrior supporters got together, joining other protestors to voice our disapproval of their decision. We used the opportunity not only to support the #NoSharkCull campaigning of WA, but most importantly for us as a country to highlight that in our own front yard shark culling has been going on for decades by the KZN Sharks Board who use both drumlines and shark nets. The Shark Warrior team lead the protestors, who upon our arrival were standing proudly but quietly displaying their placards. We fired up the protest with our loud chants SAVE OUR SHARKS, CULLIN MUST GO, BAN DRUMLINES, CULLIN IS A COWARD, STOP THE SLAUGHTER, SHARKS HAVE RIGHTS with the rest of the protestors joining in. To date 7 sharks, mostly tiger sharks have been slaughtered. At least 2 sharks in South Africa die every day on the drumlines and shark nets given that +/-600 are killed annually. We have produced a short awareness film #SharkWars on the rally –  see Lesley Rochat’s blog for more about the event.

Thank you to the Australians for caring about our sharks in their waters and showing us how pulling together is done, to everyone who attended, to our own Shark Warrior supporters who shouted till their throats hurt, to leader of the pack Terry Corr, to the media, to Dr Leonard Compagno, world renowned shark expert who was our personal photographer, and our cameraman Grant Atkinson – you all rock!

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